Raison D'être

An experiment at the intersection of human sexuality, visual art, and ‘on chain’ provenance- Carnal Chemistry aims to de-stigmatize erotic art and ensure that artistic expression of human sexuality finds its creative space in the digital art Renaissance that is unfolding in front of our eyes.

Every year we will collaborate with artists around the world to release a collection of 100 1/1 art pieces custom minted on the Ethereum chain exploring a specific dimension of human sexuality.

Our first collection titled ‘The Kamasutra’ with artist collaborators from India, Chile, the USA, Turkey, Spain, Russia, and France. This collection seeks inspiration from The Kamasutra– an ancient Indian text about sexuality & the alchemy of desire.

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Tools for artists & art patron

Making a creative space for artists is just one part of the puzzle. We foresee some form of censorship creeping into Web 3.0 as well. It’s not inconceivable to think of an NFT/Crypto marketplace delisting a collection for not meeting ‘standards.’ So, we will also focus on building tools for the minting and listing for the sex-positive community of artists and art patrons.

Cutting-edge digital art gallery

People seeing & experiencing art is important and the emerging nexus of AR/VR technologies make it possible to completely reimagine what an art gallery of the future will look like. This excites us and is something we will actively pursue- i.e. build a cutting-edge digital art gallery that hosts an ever-growing collection of beautiful erotic art.


To support the artists beyond commissions from the primary and secondary sales of their art, we will also launch a line of merchandise using the art, and 5% proceeds from the sale of the merchandise will go to the respective artists.

What we are saying is that we are in this. For
the keeps. Let’sssss goooo!

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